GBWhatsApp Apk Pro Frequently asked questions [FAQ]

Do you have any questions and queries regarding GBWhatsApp Application Then take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions below

1)  What is the advantage of GB WhatsApp APK?

Ans) It is an alternative of WhatsApp App with special features.

2)   Do I have to repay anything for this app?

Ans) No, you don’t have to pay its totally free of cost.

3)   Is this app is data consumed app?

Ans) No this app utilizes very less amount of data compared with other apps

4)   Is there any privacy issues regarding this app.

Ans) No privacy issues happened until now.

5)   Can I use the same number for both WhatsApp?

Ans) No, you can’t use the same number for two apps.

6) Can we maintain both Whatsapp Application on single Mobile?

Ans) You cannot manage both the WhatsApp Application continuously and except you are utilizing it with the App Cloner application or any other apps.

Download GBWhatsApp App For PC (Windows | Mac | Linux)

GB Whatsapp for PC is an amusing resource to access the advanced features of the original version. It has enabled many options of the app optimizable by the user himself. This gives you the freedom to hide blue ticks, online status, and also access countless themes. It’s a completely editable version of the original application and also an alternative for the best purposes of action. 

gb whatsapp for pc

Mod Apk of GB Whatsapp cannot be practiced as you do it for standard play store apps. Hence, we have described this complete tutorial note to educate people. All steps, including download, installation, tips, and tricks has been formulated below. 

Attention: As a matter of fact, we are not the official owners of the GBwhatsapp, and also, we don’t claim to be involved in any of its activities. We have strictly adopted the procedure of providing information through online mediums, and we shall stick to it. No user shall take an unconscious decision before accessing the app. It is at his own choice whether to avail of the app or not. 

Benefits of GB Whatsapp for PC

  1. Extended limits for sharing images, videos, and documents to as many contacts as possible.
  2. Hiding blue ticks, online status to focus on work instead of being annoyed by notification bells.
  3. Anti-Revoke messages.
  4. Send private messages in group chats.
  5. Extra emojis added to the list. 

Note: Hence, one cannot directly install GBwhatsapp on his pc. He’ll need to get an Android emulator first and install an apk file into it. 

gb whatsapp for pc

Emulator system requirements 

  • Memory: 4 GB 
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6100 
  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.00GHz 
  • The Emulator File Size: 300 MB 

After looking through the reviews of all top emulators. Nox app player was best rated and reputed by the users. 

Download Updated Nox Player App for PC 

Step1: Surf on the internet and get Nox Player App downloaded on your PC. 

Step2: Select the emulator setup file and run installation. 

Step3: Keep executing the default instructed slides. 

Step4: Now, you have successfully installed Nox App Player on your device. 

How to install Gb Whatsapp For PC [Windows | Mac]

It can happen just like that if you follow a few essential steps below. 

  1. Download GBWhatsapp Apk here on to your PC storage.
  2. Open the Nox App emulator and keep it ready for Apk installation.
  3. Drag and drop the Gbwhatsapp Apk file to the Nox player’s screen window.
  4. It will automatically start installing the Apk file in the background.
  5. After a while, you’ll be visible with the GB app’s icon on your emulator’s screen, stating that installation is over. 


I hope we have reached your expectations in providing information related to the GB MOD app. We shall be more than happy to listen to your query and respond to it. Have a great day ahead! 

GBWhatsApp For iOS | iPhone | iPad Devices Installation Guide

There will always be some situations where we feel like, damn they should have included this feature in this app. Have you ever felt like that? I guess you have had it. GBWhatsapp Apk is the real example of reality to all such kind of advanced thoughts of yours. It has the advanced options that you wish to have in the original version of it. You better count its features and not be tired of summing up. Lol!

gbwhatsapp for ios

GBWhatsapp App is best for individual & group chats, popular emoji’s, more privacy, customizable online status, and exceeded sending limits of files. To be precise, you can call it an optimized and integrated application of crazy ideas enhanced together. One can easily understand its purpose and intentional pleasure by practicing it. 

Reminder: As a note, we shall specify to readers that one should make his own choice in practicing this application. We do not intend or force the users to avail of the app. GbWhatsapp App is the property of its owner. We do not claim it as our copyright material. Education on any android app is our primary motive but not to violate the rules.   

Download GBWhatsApp for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

You cannot install or download GB WhatsApp into your iPhone or iPad at first hand unless you follow the below pattern of sequential steps. 

  • TUTU App is the compatible application to install such minor party apps. Find the right and latest version on any search engine. 

         Note: You should get TUTU App first before you install GBWhatsApp Apk.  

  • Tap on the downloaded apk file and keep executing default installation steps.
  • Finish the process. And remember, you’ve got to create a developer profile for TUTU.
  • Make sure you enable trust authentication for developer permissions of TUTU apk following this path: Settings –> General –> Profiles & Device Management –> Finally, select the profile option and tap on Trust.
  • That way you have worked it out and yet a few things left over to do for installing GB App on IOS. We will discuss them in the further sections.

Install GBWhatsApp on TUTU for IOS  

Execute below crucial steps. 

Step1: Open the TUTU app and install Ness VPN for being a prerequisite. 

Step2: Allow yourself to reperform the trust authentication step for this application too. Follow the path as you did for TUTU App and enable the trust factor. 

Step3: Wait is over! Search for GBWhatsapp on TUTU App where you’ll be asked to install. 

Step4: Kindly take action in finishing the installation. 

gbwhatsapp for ios

Step5: You did it! Explore the GBWhatsApp For iOS now. 

Finishing Lines

Boom! After testing it a day or so, one would definitely love to play with it. Go through every feature of the application and function it to support your need. I hope you have got sufficient information about GBWhatsApp For iOS. For any queries? You know where to find us! Bye!  

Download GBWhatsApp Apk PRO For Android | PC | iOS “UPDATED”

GB WhatsApp Apk Download to get many unique and special functions and features for chatting lovers, and It is available for Android devices from Android 4.2 and above. We help users to How to utilize the GBWhatsApp Apk Updated version in a more useful way. 

GB WhatsApp Apk is not ready in the Android Play store, so you will have to GBWhatsApp Apk download this app from this website download page or any third-party resource. GBWhatsApp App has released many updates over time. Here you get the updated version of GBWhatsApp Apk Pro 8.45 and its download option for Android. 

gb whatsapp apk download


The below download link is taken from a non-affiliated site that is available on the internet.

Note: GBWhatsApp Apk is the property of its owner. So, use the app at your own responsibility. We will not be held responsible for any kind of issue. It means we are referring to contents that are freely available and don’t break any law.

Important Notice for 3rd Party Android Apps Users

Attention: Authorities might be tracking your data. In case of any legal trouble from big companies, the developer will be forced to hand over your data to the authorities. No matter which app you use, we highly recommend you to use a VPN with it. This will ensure that your identity is safe in any case. 

GBWhatsApp Pro Changelog v8.45

  • [Added] Swipe Chat row in home screen to see sharp actions
  • [Added] Use Latest WhatsApp Fingerprint UI
  • [Added] Bottom Bar style option to Home UI
  • [Added] DarkMode for WhatsApp and MODS Settings
  • [Added] Download EmojiVariants from MODS Settings
  • [Added] Options to use Phone system emoji variants for WhatsApp
  • [Improved] Reduce Apk size to 33MB
  • [Improved] Performance and Speed
  • [Fix] People pictures shows incorrectly in Instagram status style
  • [Fix] Status text not appearing sometimes when replying to status
  • [Fix] Toolbar icons changing to white randomly
  • [Fix]  YoThemes Server not loading
  • [Fix] Blackline when scrolling when Insta status style is enabled

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