CoCo WhatsApp APK Download in 203 (Latest Version)

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform and is preferred by over a billion people. It offers an incredible communication service with the best feature.

However, even this incredible application does not meet every single need of the user.

For this reason, there are numerous modded versions of the famous WhatsApp which cover every area that the original app could not.

One of these mod apk versions of WhatsApp is called Coco WhatsApp apk.

Created by a third-party developer, the Coco WhatsApp apk offers powerful features which make this messaging platform efficient, fast, and secure.

You can chat, send files of any size, make calls, and much more. The best part is that all of these incredible features of the Coco WhatsApp apk are for free!

The app itself is free to download and does not require you to make any purchases.

CoCo WhatsApp APK Download Overview:

App NameCooCoo WhatsApp
Android Requirement5.0 or above
File Size70 MB
Last Updated1 Day Ago

Features of Coco WhatsApp Apk:

Coco WhatsApp apk has numerous additional features that cannot be found in the original version.

WhatsApp can get monotonous at times, but this mod version is here to fix the problem! You will never get bored while using this incredible messaging application.

Customize your interface:

In the original WhatsApp version, you are stuck with the same interface design forever. Looking at the same design over and over again can get really boring.

This feature of the Coco WhatsApp apk which allows you to change the appearance of your interface is just the icing on top! It gives a cool, refreshing, and exciting look to your interface so that the app is more fun to use!

Dual Account System:

This is probably one of the most important features of this mod version of WhatsApp. Coco WhatsApp apk allows you to install two WhatsApp on one phone.

You can use two accounts simultaneously this way and get more work done. This highly convenient feature saves you from the trouble of installing external unsafe sources and provides the entire package to you.

Save Statuses:

The best advantage of the Coco WhatsApp apk is that it allows you to save the statuses of your contacts. The original WhatsApp does not support this feature and requires you to go to extreme lengths in order to save a status.

However, with this mod version, the task has been made extremely easy. With a single tap of a button, you can save any status whether it is an image or a video.

The status will be permanently saved on your phone so that you can view it later.

High Security:

Coco WhatsApp apk offers maximum safety and security thanks to its advanced features. It allows you to add a PIN, Pattern, and Password.

You can even use your fingerprint if your phone has a fingerprint sensor. You can do all of this without having to download an additional app lock.

All of this is to provide the user with convenience and offer an enhanced experience.

Theme Shop:

A theme shop is available in the Coco WhatsApp apk where you can find numerous customizable options. You can choose any good-looking theme that you like and add it to your interface if you are tired of your old one.

You can do this for free without purchasing any of the beautiful themes. You can even change the theme for incoming calls from the settings of the Coco WhatsApp apk.

There are many more advanced features of the Coco WhatsApp apk that are truly a game-changer. They provide much better service than the original version and make this app worth downloading.

Some more beneficial features of the Coco WhatsApp apk are:

  • Light and stable
  • Does not require a lot of storage
  • Free to download
  • Anti-ban policy
  • All ads disabled
  • Make your video status of more than thirty seconds without cropping it
  • Hide your online status
  • Make your status which can have more than 700 characters
  • Save statuses of your friends easily
  • Disable blue ticks
  • View any deleted messages
  • View deleted statuses

How to download the Coco WhatsApp apk?

Coco WhatsApp is free and easy to download. It does not require you to uproot or jailbreak your device. It also works with all versions of Android.

All you have to do is follow these steps and it will be successfully installed.

  • Since Coco WhatsApp can be installed simultaneously with the original version, you need to have a second SIM or phone number ready. This is because you must use a different number to create an account on the Coco WhatsApp apk.
  • Now you need to download the apk file of Coco WhatsApp. Click on the large Download button provided on the website
  • Save the file in the desired location on your device so that you can open it later
  • Now, open the Settings of your phone. Go to Security and enable “unknown resources”. You must grant permission for unknown resources to install files on your phone. This is because the file may come with some security issues, but since thousands of people have downloaded it without facing any problems, there is no harm in doing so yourself.
  • Open the folder where you saved the apk file of Coco WhatsApp. Click on it and install it on your device
  • Click on the Coco WhatsApp apk once it is successfully downloaded and allow the app to run and set up successfully.
  • Add in your login information to create an account. For example, you must enter a new phone number, your account name, status, etc. Finish setting up your account on the Coco WhatsApp apk.
  • To verify your phone number for security, the OTP will send you a code via SMS. Enter that code for verification and your account will be successfully set up. You now have access to all the amazing features of the Coco WhatsApp.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will my account get banned with Coco WhatsApp apk?

Coco WhatsApp apk has an anti-ban policy which means that all your WhatsApp accounts will remain safe until any suspicious activity is discovered.

Coco WhatsApp does not violate any of the official policies of WhatsApp, so it is safe to use and will not cause any such issues.

Which devices can I use Coco WhatsApp on?

You can only download this app on Android as it is not supported by iOS.


We highly recommend that you download the Coco WhatsApp mod apk. It will enhance your online messaging experience on a large scale. With high ratings and positive reviews by numerous users, this mod version of WhatsApp is truly a game-changer.

It has advanced features that even the official version does not have. You can save the statuses of your contacts, view deleted messages, add a status of more than 700 characters and so much more!