Download GBWhatsApp Apk & GBWhatsApp Pro [UPDATED]

GB WhatsApp Apk Download to get many unique and special functions and features for chatting lovers, and It is available for Android devices from Android 4.2 and above. We help users to How to utilize the GBWhatsApp Apk Updated version in a more useful way. 

GB WhatsApp Apk is not ready in the Android Play store, so you will have to GBWhatsApp Apk download this app from this website download page or any third-party resource. 

GBWhatsApp App has released many updates over time. Here you get the updated version of GBWhatsApp v21.20.0 [HeyMods] & GBWhatsapp Pro v17.10 [Alex Mods] its download option for Android. 

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Important Notice for 3rd Party Android Apps Users

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No matter which app you use, we highly recommend you to use a VPN with it. This will ensure that your identity is safe in any case.


  • [Fixed] Group privacy is available in app setting option
  • [Fixed] Now you can search the personal chat using search bar
  • [Fixed] You can get backup after 2pm
  • [Fixed] Resolve the calls crash on mobile
  • [Fixed] Auto Reply page random crash on some Android Mobile
  • [Fixed] You can choose the status video random crash


  • [New] Mark as opend/seen for view once
  • [New] Mass messenger can send images/videos!
  • [New] Mass message sender (Broadcast to many groups and chats)
  • [Fix] Anti view once turung opened randomly
  • [Fix] Contact name color not taking in status and calls screen
  • [Fix] Calls icon not showing in white themes view once not loading after mark as opened
  • [Fix] Yowa unread counter not centered
  • [Fix] Fmmods>homescreen>status>5min status
  • [Fix] Send images in full resolution


  • [New] Download for a look once pictures or videos
  • [New] Observe all messages sent by the contact group
  • [New] Possibility to edit online dot colour
  • [New] Save profile pic & status pics & videos
  • [Fixed] Archive chat not displaying on the group tab
  • [Fixed] RC-Telegram X recording box bug
  • [Fixed] Fail when attempting to archive a private chat
  • [Fixed] Large blank place in private chat and archived chat
  • [Fixed] Groups with “Admin Only” still showing forward messages to box in some approach techniques


  • [New] Added voice changer for voice notes
  • [New]Exclusive added preview and confirm before sending a sticker
  • [New] Added option to delete downloaded emojis packs
  • [New] Added Archived row in home screen now takes themes color
  • [Resolved] Fixed slow messages sending in groups


  • [Fix] Random crashes when messaging groups
  • [Fix] Sending messages in groups to take a long time
  • [Fix] Blue tick on reply crashes
  • [Fix] Swipe row crash
  • [Fix] Reset Preferences now also resets defaults wallpaper
  • [Fix] Crash using status splitter on some phones
  • [Misc] Other fixes and improvements


  • [Added] Mention Mark
  • [Added] Online/Offline dot
  • [Added] Blue tick on replay for groups
  • [Added] Load theme from Zip file
  • [Added] Click on status caption to copy
  • [Added] Option to increase forward limit to 250
  • [Added] New UI for Copy selection of text from message bubble
  • [Added] Advanced search
  • [Added] New custom wallpaper UI
  • [Added] Hide recent chats option
  • [Added] Hide other contacts option
  • [Added] Hide Frequently Contacted option
  • [Fix] New Menu now close automatically


  • [Added] Swipe Chat row in home screen to see sharp actions
  • [Added] Use Latest WhatsApp Fingerprint UI
  • [Added] Bottom Bar style option to Home UI
  • [Added] Dark Mode for WhatsApp and MODS Settings
  • [Added] Download Emoji Variants from MODS Settings
  • [Added] Options to use Phone system emoji variants for WhatsApp
  • [Improved] Reduce Apk size to 33MB
  • [Improved] Performance and Speed
  • [Fix] People pictures show incorrectly in Instagram status style
  • [Fix] Status text not appearing sometimes when replying to status
  • [Fix] Toolbar icons changing to white randomly
  • [Fix]  YoThemes Server not loading
  • [Fix] Blackline when scrolling when Insta status style is enabled

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