GBWhatsApp Apk- Download GB WhatsApp in 2023 (Anti-Ban)

Chatting applications are becoming part of our life, we always depend very much on it. To message, to wish, to transfer information, a lot more we do on these apps.

But the features are very much limited so to full fill this gap we have another fantastic app which is called GBWhatsApp Apk.

It has the number of new and characters of new functions and features as same as the primary WhatsApp but these new features which will make you more satisfied while chatting or doing anything.

When we compare GBWhatsApp App with the original one, we don’t see any differences but features in the GB WhatsApp are more stunning features.

This app is free of cost you don’t have to pay a single penny. The most advanced version of this GB Whatsapp Apk is available on the download page.

More About GBWhatsapp Apk

GBwhatsapp is a good daily driver to produce high-performance results. Features including customization, privacy, security, and advanced actions are available in the app for a better experience.

It can be utilized for both business purposes and daily life texting objectives. Moreover, the possibility to send large-size files way better than the actual version.

There is plenty to talk about this application which includes its regular updates, emoji variants, and also new packages upgraded within the regular period of intervals.

It has reliability, feasibility, and the ability to work efficiently. The app has plenty of features to offer but take a look at their benefits below.  

Features of GBWhatsApp Apk 2023 Latest Version

New Autoreply: This feature is one of the unique features added in the GBWhatsApp App. with this feature, you can reply to anyone automatically when you’re diligent in your work.

Lock your app: we have to keep our chatting confidentially for this purpose we are using a third-party app separately for this purpose but don’t worry this app there is an inbuilt feature to lock your WhatsApp own.

Message organizer: Once you set up a time and message at a particular date and time, the message will be sent precisely on the day. you can organize in this manner to anyone.


Best themes: If you are a theme lover then GB WhatsApp Apk is the best suit for you, it always gives you very modern App themes to your phone it still makes the WhatsApp a fresh look ever.

Airplane mode: While you are in important work, you can enable Aeroplane mode in this GB WhatsApp app so that no one can disturb you.


24 /7 online: To make entertainment for auto show something crazy to your friends that you are 24 hours online and make fun or you can escape some incidents, or you can prank your friends you can modify your status to this mode.

In case of any emergency if your friend wants to share any information then and this online mode will make you share the message very soon.

Hiding privacy: Sometimes we have to hide while chatting with others using an older version of apps can’t protect, but in this GBWhatsapp Apk, there is an opportunity to protect some friends while chatting with others.

Full Anti-Ban: Utilizing the GBWhatsApp Pro will not get your account forbidden or restricted. You can utilize the Latest Moded version Apk to enjoy the unlimited features without any technical issues.

Restore & Backup: If you want to restore chats history from WhatsApp. Make sure you made a backup from your messages, then you can restore it by pressing the button here on the starting login page, then put your number and press (next).

Free Of Ads: No ads for better user Experience, This speciality provides a premium quality for this Application.

Download GB WhatsApp Apk on Android | Tablet devices

This Incredible GBWhatsApp Apk 2021 Latest version for Android also called a MOD version (MODDED VERSION).

This GBWhatsApp Apk Pro officially not available for the Android play store but you can download GBWhatsApp Pro v8.7 App on Android mobile for free without any troubles.

Reminder: You cannot manage both the WhatsApp Application continuously and except you are utilizing it with the App Cloner application or any other apps.

GBwhatsapp PRO Apk (Alternative) 

GB WhatsApp Pro Apk is the latest modified version of conventional WhatsApp. It has better features in terms of texting, calling and media sharing.

You can send files of bigger size without any restriction. In other words, you can say it’s an extended version of actual app. It has one special feature that others cannot compete with, and that is Anti-ban.

Hence, this is the newest in the club there is nothing to worry. Check out gbwhatsapp pro tutorial for more info. 

How to Install GBWhatsApp Apk on Android Mobile

  • I am giving the most helpful instructions on how to download & Install GBWhatsApp Apk on Android phones in the most straightforward methods so that you can download it very merely from this site.
  • The first step is you have to open the settings then select security and then enable the unknown sources button.
  • Go back to your file click the download option button and your APK file will begin downloading.
  • Click on the GBWhatsApp Apk file on your Android device, and after Instruction will be displayed on the screen of your Android device, follow them to proceed with the installation process.

GBWhatsapp Apk Full info

App Name: GbWhatsapp Apk
Android Support: 4.4 and above or latest
App size: 44 MB
Latest Version: 
Compatibility: Android & IOS
Downloads: 4.5 million

GBWhatsApp on iOS | Mac or Windows Devices

Have you ever tried to install this application directly on to your PC? I guess you have tried and failed but haven’t figured a way to do it. Please go through the further tutorials mentioned below to avail of the Apk file.

Download GB Whatsapp for PC:

It’s easy to download the Gbwhatsapp Apk file to your Windows or Mac platform from the web or here. But it’s not easy to install the application unless you acquire few prerequisites.

How to install GB WhatsApp on IOS:

No, you cannot install this app directly on to your IOS Device. Like there will be a solution for every problem, we have a secret formula to avail the application here on your IOS platform.

GBwhatsapp User Guide

Hell yeah! GB WhatsApp cannot be compared with any of the mod apk’s out there cause it has got unique services standing out from the crowd, which we shall describe further below.

Dark mode: You know how trendy the dark mode has become these days on every application. It’s the same case here on the top right of the app UI; you’ll find a half-moon icon which enables the dark mode theme.

Fingerprint: This is another crazy feature from GB, and you can enable it on privacy & security settings -> WhatsApp Lock -> Choose fingerprint.

Last seen: One can hide their last seen by enabling Freeze last seen option by following this path: Fouad Mods – Privacy settings – Enable Freeze last seen button.

Blue ticks:  You don’t want to receive messages from someone but still do not hurt their feelings. Here are blue ticks hide options located on Privacy & Security settings – Contacts – Change privacy settings – Tap Hide blue ticks & Hide second ticks. You can also hide typing, recording following this path.

Send Limit: All media files now can be sent to 30+ contacts at once. Earlier it was just 15, and also size has to comprise low. Now you don’t need to worry about either size of the file or the number of contacts.

How to Update GB WhatsApp Latest Version

Always keep your android apps updated to the newest version for the best performance and low-risk rate. Once upgraded, you’ll get all the advanced features, changed themes, and many more. GbWhatsApp gives regular updates for fixing bugs and providing the most advanced version of the app.
However, one cannot directly update the app from any app store instead can Download the latest GB WhatsApp apk file from the guided tutorial in the blog. You can also learn about the installation of GB WhatsApp Apk.

How to Backup GBWhatsapp Apk Data Simple Method

You might have had important conversations with your loved ones or some confidential business chats. What if you want them stored in a safe place instead of an app? Keep a password to the folder so that nobody can open it without a password. 

Here you go: To back up your chat data, go to settings -> tap chats -> Click on chat backup

That’s the very simple step involved in storing your data safe. 

GBWhatsApp Apk Advantages/Dis Advantages

Advantages of GB WhatsApp APK

1.User-centric by enabling optimization of almost all settings. 

2. It has a very clear user navigation root to modify the features and do more. 

3. This App works effectively attaining the excellent standards set by any known android app. 

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp APK

1. It’s not the actual application but something that provides more advanced features than the original one. 

2. Others might not be able to know your existence on application. It’s impossible to find your online status once enabled. 

GB Whatsapp Apk Not Working

Here are a few tips to avoid GBWhatsApp Apk, not the working message.

GBWhatsaApp Apk Not Working

1. Set the date & time to automatic and select your region because the app works only when the timing is perfect.
2. Clear cache very often to stop app crashing.
3. Update the app to the latest version by uninstalling the old version and install a new one.
4. Check your internet connection to make sure the app works fine.
5. Always keep it away from security apps. Better keep it off from the lock list.

GBWhatsapp Apk User Review 

This app has given more than expected to its audience. What else can you expect from an application that has allowed its users to take full control of the app?  


Communication: It is very responsive, and you will be able to send messages very quick. Also, you can share large media files including videos, audios, images. It’s the best messaging and easy communication app out there. 

User control: As a user, you will have full authority to change or modify app settings as you like. You are the root admin, and you have full rights to do whatever you wish.    

Quality: Video call quality is too good, but you’ll have to provide a good internet connection to maintain the standard. Dark mode theme is quite helpful to get clear visuals.


You all will enjoy the new features of this app is one of the best apps in the market; it is one more impressively customized version of WhatsApp; it has many exciting features and functions.

The GB WhatsApp app installs by more than millions of people from all over the world within a short period. GB WhatsApp Apk is straightforward to use and used by all ages of people it is user-friendly to use.

Farther more you can share your pictures videos and voice with friends. finally, I can say that you will enjoy the latest themes if forms and so many incredible features.