Download GBWhatsApp Pro For Android “New Version”

Usually, it’s quite easy to find amazing features on a premium application, but here GBwhatsapp pro is entirely different from the original version. Although it’s not a paid or officially available app, it provides astonishing features like secretly monitoring chats of your loved ones, extended media file sharing, and many more.

GBwhatsapp pro has another amusing option for scheduling birthdays, meetings, and any other important messages. Anti revoke is another brilliant feature that lets you read deleted messages like they were still there. It is best when it comes to providing privacy to its users by hiding your online existence. It really is a treasure of a new-age application. Give it a try!

GBWhatsapp Pro 2023 App Full info

Name: GBWhatsapp Pro 

Latest version: v17.10

Size: 49 MB

Category: Communication & Social media 

Compatibility: Android & IOS 

Version support: Android 4.4+ & IOS 10 and more 

Downloads: 1 million 

GBwhatsapp PRO

GBWhatsapp Pro 17.10 Top Features

DND Disable – You can turn off the internet for the only GBwhatsapp Apk Pro if you optimize this option. No messages, no calls, and no worries! 

Schedule Messages – You’re not gonna miss your loved one’s birthdays and anniversaries with this auto message scheduling. Prepare text in advance and set up the date for delivery. 

Privacy Tweaks – There is much customization here, including pause last seen, Anti revoke, hide blue ticks, hide typing, and hide recording. Go to settings and optimize all these options as you wish. 

Themes & Fonts – Are you bored of all those old coloured styles? Pick the best among many different themes available on Gb Whatsapp Pro. 

Install GBWhatsApp Pro on Android? 

Did you ever consider installing the app right away after download? Unfortunately, it’s not possible to do so. Nevertheless, there’s a different approach to this obstacle. Look for the solution below. 

  • Go to settings, look for privacy & security settings and then enable unknown resources for no interruption during installation. 
  • Now tap on Gbwhatsapp Pro apk file and start installation. 
  • Follow the regular installation pattern to finish the process. 

Well done! You can now test the app and share your reviews too. 

Difference between GBWhatsapp and GBWhatsapp Pro?

  1. GbWhatsApp Apk has limited media file sharing, but pro has a more extended limit.
  2. Security is the most important aspect in pro, where GB has limited resources in protection.
  3. Both user interfaces are quite similar, but features are vast in GBWA pro.
  4. GBwhatsapp has almost similar qualities compared with a pro, but performance-wise both are exceptional in producing excellent results.
  5. Finally, GB pro has advanced features compared with the regular version.

GBWhatsapp Pro Apk Advantages

Flexibility: What else is flexible than optimizing the app as you wish? You have complete control over the app and its features. Modify them as you like. 

Authority: You can hide your last seen, blue ticks, second ticks, and totally your online presence. The application works as you say. You are the chief commander and you draw the lines. 

Security: You are given fingerprint protection and you can prevent messages from strangers and block them permanently.

GBwhatsapp Pro Apk user rating 

Most of the users were completely interested in GBWA Pro because of the three things mentioned below. Most of them have clearly mentioned these points in their reviews. 


The first thing that comes to mind for any individual user practicing GBWhatsapp is freedom. You have complete control over the application, and nothing happens out of your sight. You can modify the settings as you want, matching your requirements. 


The app has a significant work structure, which gives you the experience of a 90-hertz refresh rate. Navigation is too good to access all activities inside the application. Media file loading, downloading, and sharing happens very speedily, saving loads of data for you.  

User Interface 

People love this option because they are bored with one single theme for the app. Introducing multiple themes will let the customer pick what he likes the most. Fonts are genuinely adorable, and you get the probability to choose among many. Visually it looks fantastic for the end-user. 

Old GBWhatsApp Pro v16.30 Changelog

  • [Added] New theme and new look
  • [Added] Added more funny emoji’s
  • [Improve] App performance on PC

Old GBWhatsApp Pro v16.20 Changelog

  • [Fixed] Harmful App notification by Playstore
  • [Fixed] Crash in the chat screen on some devices
  • [Fixed] Major Problem that caused App to freeze
  • [Fixed] Major Problem Making App Unusable

Old GBWhatsApp Pro v15.00 Changelog

  • [Added] clear backup option now delete all old backup data, more space-saving  
  • [Added] option to switch translation mode between in-app or Gtranslate app
  • [Added] copy caption feature for media
  • [Added] staus view tost, now, immediately when watching your status
  • [Added] buttons to scroll bottom 
  • [Added] save to gallery option when media visibility is turned off
  • [Added] Ability to set search web or use emoji for profile photo
  • [Added] Show total message count in view all messages screen
  • [Added] in-app translation 
  • [Enabled] New privacy settings {contacts except} 
  • [Enabled] For last seen and profile photo 
  • [Enabled] disappearing messages more option {24 hrs, 7 days, 90days}
  • [Enabled] Reaction feature {lonfg press any message}
  • [Enabled] pause and resume voice note recording 
  • [Enabled] new contact profile UI design 
  • [Fixed] Calling by phone call option giving the wrong number sometimes 
  • [Fixed] Voice notes blue mic icon issue in the home screen 
  • [Fixed] Mod backup folder taking big storage space 
  • [Fixed] translate messages source copied message
  • [Fixed] False anti-virus / anti-malware reports
  • [Fixed] mute indicator in WAMOD row style
  • [Fixed] widget open without app lock
  • [Fixed] WA Bots menu not clickable
  • [Fixed] video call confirmation 
  • [Misc] Improved Antiban feature

Old GBWhatsApp Pro v14.10 Changelog

  • Extend the expiration date for an additional  15 days until the completion of the preparation of the new update.

Old GBWhatsApp Pro v14.00 Changelog

  • [Added] Downlaod for view once images adn videos
  • [Added] View all messaes sent by contact in group (click on name)
  • [Added] Option to change online dot color (Mods settings>home screen>rows)
  • [Added] Archive chat not showing op group tab
  • [Fixed] RC-Telegram X recording Box Bug
  • [Fixed] Crash When trying to archive a hidden chat
  • [Fixed] Large empty space in hidden chat and archived chat
  • [Fixed] Groups with Admin Only still showing send message box i some entry styles
  • [Fixed] WhatsApp Lock Not working for pattern and pin
  • [Fixed] Random notification crash
  • [Fixed] Notification not showing on hidden chats
  • [Fixed] Random crash whilw using ig status style
  • [Fixed] Hide call buttons from conversation action bar not working
  • [Fixed] Clicking on whatsapp doesnt open hidden chats on some phones
  • [Fixed] who can call me options not choosing contacts properly
  • [Fixed] Apk not installing on Android 5
  • [Fixed] Random Crash After Registering phone number on some phones.

Old GBwhatsapp Pro v13.50 Change-log

  • [Exclusive] One UI Design
  • [Added] New Default theme (Light/Night)
  • [Added] New styles for IG Story
  • [Added] New UI for adding a status from IG story
  • [Added] New UI design for bottom bar styles
  • [Added] New UI for activating options [Airplane mode/ light / night mode]
  • [Added] Animate name in header when it is too long
  • [Added] Animate Airplane icon when turned ON to alert you
  • [Added] Coloraturas options for IG story elements
  • [Fix] Contact pic not showing when sending media in groups
  • [Fix] Airplane and Light/Night mode icon not hiding in groups tab
  • [Fix] Bottom bar styles not working correctly


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